Healthy Lifestyles

Whether you want to just keep your diet in check, reduce those extra fat stores, gain weight, prevent or manage your diabetes and heart health or get your diet on track before starting a family,  I can help you learn about how food affects your health, develop a healthy relationship with food and give you the motivation you need to make the changes to feel like you can live a fulfilling life.  I will provide you with individualised advice based on your current diet and help you make small achievable changes towards your version of a healthy diet. 

As a personal trainer I can help you think about your current physical activity, create an exercise routine and program and train you up to achieve your fitness goals whether it be increase strength, tone, balance or endurance or improve posture to reduce those aches and pains. 


Gut health

Whether it is Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, a bit of reflux or lower gut concerns I can help you find out if food is playing a role. See the Food Intolerance information.