Training a Brighter You

Becoming a Personal Trainer was a big step for me to gain back the balance in my life by taking control of my day to day activities and to help others do the same.  Our lives are so busy these days that the majority of us have accepted that we just don't have time for exercise, and physical activity over the day is low at best.  After commuting to work and back, sitting for 8 hours at a desk job, watching TV, catching up on social media, reading and socialising over a meal all those sitting hours add up.   

Most of us have some level of fitness within us that we would love to get back to and I would love to help you think about your lifestyle and re-prioritise physical activity and exercise.  From incorporating exercises you can weave into your day, to keep your body, strong, limber and avoiding  unwanted aches and pains to weekly training programs that will help you to get back into shape, stay in shape and reach some personal fitness goals.  I can help you find an exercise routine that works for you.


We all know the benefits of exercise; it makes us happy through endorphin release, socialisation, gaining a sense of achievement, and most importantly helps us manage day to day stress better.  It is good for  strong bones and muscles and prevents chronic disease such as heart disease and diabetes. I believe the big secret about exercise is that it is the adult word for PLAY. This means that you are supposed to have FUN!  And if you are not, how long are you going to keep it up? So the best thing is find what works best for you.  

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My biggest physical achievement deciding to seize the day! 'Yes, let's do the 2 mountains,' not knowing how sore you get after 10.5 hours. Perhaps just one mountain next time . . .