Did You Know?

Eating is the most complex task we learn to do in our lives and it takes 2-3 years to learn to eat. 

Eating requires all our muscles and all our senses to work together at the same time.

Starting with a healthy diet early on will set kids up to follow a healthy diet well into adulthood.



Growth Assessment

We will assess your baby, toddler, child or teenager’s growth and provide advice on how they can help meet their nutrition requirements for the different stages of growth and their changing nutrition needs.


Introduction of Solids  

Be guided through the weaning stages teaching your baby to become mostly independent at eating by the age of 1 year old and get all the nutrients they need to grow and learn.

Fussy Eating

Being trained in the fussy eating SOS (Sequential, Oral, Sensory) approach we can help you understand why your child chooses to eat the food they do and discuss evidence-based strategies to expand their diet. We can help to identify any underlying issues around why your child is fussy and direct you to the appropriate investigations, dietary changes or refer to other allied health therapists who may help further.  

When all other medical causes have been ruled out or if there is a strong indication diet could be playing a role we can discuss and guide you through an individualised Elimination diet. In our experience diet is not considered often enough for the reasons behind fussy eating behaviours.


Healthy Eating and Weight Worries

Many parents are worried about their child’s diet and unwanted weight gain.  We will help you get back to the basics of good nutrition and help you get your kids interested in healthy eating and make sure their growing and learning bodies get the goodies they need.  Making healthy diet changes will help your child eat to their needs for a healthy  body  as they grow and they will carry their healthy eating habits on well into adulthood. 


Vegetarian Diets

Vegetarian diets are popular amongst teenagers for many reasons. We will offer guidance on making sure their diet is carefully planned to ensure nutrition needs for growth and most importantly, concentration for those exams are being met.


Pierre Learns to Eat A Rainbow

Pierre Learns to Eat a Rainbow is a storybook written and illustrated by Carin Clegg about how Pierre, the Pear, learns to eat a wider range of foods. 

It is for both children, 1-4 years old, and their parents to help them get through that fussy eating phase.  It as a one of a kind, rustic creation that little eyes and fingers love exploring the pages of with the help of their parents, learning all about the wonderful different types of foods there are to take pleasure in eating.

To care for our planet for our future generations it is made from mostly upcycled materials  and only available electronically. 

We hope you find it fun and helpful!