We offer a range of nutrition talks and workshops which can be tailored to your needs at your centre or workplace.

To enquire or make a booking please call 0407492278 or email brightdiets@gmail.com


Good Food for Mood

- Understand how food affects our gut health and our mental health

- Learn what foods to include more in your diet and foods to eat less of for good mental health

Eat Like an Eco-Warrior

Eat like an EcoWarrior.jpg

If you are inerested in plant based eating, zero-waste, sustainable living and supporting local quality food producers, then this worshop is for you!

- Learn how eating better for the planet, is also better for your health

- Reduce your food waste and food bills

- Learn how to advocate for a better and sustainable food system .

Secrets to that Super Star Diet

- Discover the secrets to developing a sustainable and healthy eating pattern

- Learn how to nourish your body and love the skin you are in

- Make an action plan to make healthy lifestyle changes that you can stick to.


Diets for Autism and ADHD

Over the years there has been a lot of talk about diets that work best for children with Autism and ADHD.  Find out what the latest evidence says and what would work best for your child and family. 


Food Intolerance

Learn the difference between Food Allergy, Food Intolerance and Coeliac Disease and see if it is worthwhile looking at diet to see if food plays a role to manage your symptoms. 


Make Mealtimes Fun For Everyone

Cooking Education Sessions for Parents and Kids

Fun Mealtimes - Copy.jpg

Children must be accompanied by an adult. Minimum of 6 people required for the class to run.

Classes are designed taking into account age, dietary requirements and ability (eg Autism)

Healthy Eating

Give your kids the skills and confidence to make a healthy lunch box, snack or evening meal whilst you all learn about good nutrition and have fun at the same time.


Fussy Eating

Discover how we learn to eat and enjoy eating a range of healthy foods.  Get some tips to motivate your child to try new foods whilst creating some yummy masterpieces they may even want to eat.